Welcome to RonPaulOK.com!

We are so excited to be launching a website exclusively devoted to the grassroots effort to help Ron Paul win Oklahoma in 2012!

The goal of this site is to help Oklahomans interested in Ron Paul to get plugged in on the local level to help out his campaign here in our own back yards.  This site give us a central hub of information, communication, and mobilization.

It is unlikely that the official campaign will have any paid staff on the ground here in Oklahoma, so we are stepping up to take the initiative to organize grassroots volunteers in our state.  If we want Ron Paul to win Oklahoma (and we do!) then it is up to us to make it happen.

We will be raising our own funds independently of the campaign, compiling our own volunteer force, organizing our own phone-banking and canvassing efforts, even producing and selling our own merchandise.  Our intent is not an any way to divert resources from the national campaign, but rather to supplement the campaign in a state that won’t attract a great deal of national attention.

We invite you to explore the site, sign up, and donate.  Join us in showing our fellow Oklahomans what liberty is all about!

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3 Responses to Welcome to RonPaulOK.com!

  1. Carson Banks says:

    Let’s do this!

  2. Excellent, this makes me happy!

    Info for Ok County Signbomb.. https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=129940450426195


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