Ron Paul Supporters Submit Challenge to Oklahoma GOP State Convention

Attorneys representing grassroots supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul delivered a letter, dated Tuesday, May 22nd, to Oklahoma GOP Chairman Matt Pinnell challenging the “the legitimacy and legality of the purported selection of at-large delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention at the May 12, 2012 Oklahoma Republican Party Convention.” The letter contends that the election of the State Republican Executive Committee’s national delegate slate is void because convention chairman Marc Nuttle failed to conduct the vote by roll call ballot as required in party rules. Instead, Nuttle called only for voice and standing votes, which do not take into account proportional weighting by county.

“We’re simply asking for the rules to be followed,” stated Lukus Collins, a national delegate from Oklahoma’s 5th congressional district. “This is not a grudge match. This is a black and white issue. State party rules as well as the convention rules clearly require a roll call vote by ballot for the election of national delegates, and that didn’t happen inside at the state convention.” According to Collins, a draft of the letter was presented to Chairman Pinnell over the weekend in an effort to resolve the matter privately, but the offer was ultimately declined.

The letter cites further rules violations, including improper adjournment while convention business was still outstanding. Following the sudden and chaotic adjournment – which included the lights being turned out and wall partitions cutting off nearly one-third of the delegates from the rest of the convention – nearly 400 delegates gathered in the parking lot outside to continue business as a rump convention. During the outdoor proceedings, an alternative slate of national delegates and alternates was elected by roll call ballot, according to Jake Peters, who was elected to chair the continued convention.

The challenge letter requests that the delegates and alternates elected at the outdoor convention be recognized by the Oklahoma GOP as the legitimate at-large delegation, and that national delegation credentialing be forestalled until the challenge is resolved. The letter indicates that the petitioners are prepared to take their challenge formally to the national Committee on Contests.

Steve Dickson, a precinct chairman and state delegate, said, “It is unfortunate that we are forced to take this action compelling compliance with our own rules. I hope that our efforts can prevent more problems, in particular the seating of our full delegation in Tampa, by addressing the blatant violations that occurred now rather than later.”

[To view letter, click here.]

For more information, please visit or contact Lukus Collins at 405-371-2574 or

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One Response to Ron Paul Supporters Submit Challenge to Oklahoma GOP State Convention

  1. James Gragg says:

    The national “Committee on Contests,” is only one way to effectively challenge the conduct of the OK/GOP “leadership” and their slate of delegates. You could also bring it up ON THE FLOOR of the convention itself, as “A point of order,” preceeding ANY votes, because of the multipul & direct violations of BOTH state & national “rules,” in regards to the current OK slate of delegates; SHOULD the “Committee on Contests” fail to satisfactorally resolve this dispute.

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